4. Azure Media Services settings

Enable Streaming 

For streaming using Azure Media Services, we need to enable a streaming endpoint. Click on the “Media Service” account that was created as part of the deployment, and then click on “Streaming endpoints” .

If the status shows stopped, click on the default endpoint and then click “Start”.

Disable HTTP 

  1. Click on the streaming endpoint 
  2. Click on Manage CDN 
  3. Click on the hostname corresponding to the CDN 
  4. Select Origin from the tabs shown on the left 
  5. Uncheck HTTP and click on Save

Note: Encoding can sometimes take a lot of time. To speed up the process, we can select S2/S3 units under “Media Reserved Units” of the Media Service account. 

Note: Azure Storage accounts have an additional feature wherein you can enable only secure transfer connections to your storage account. This will disable any http connections to the storage account. This step is optional but recommended. 

For this, go to the Configuration tab of your storage account and enable Secure transfer required feature. 

Enable TLS 1.2 

Go to the App Service of the staging slot and click on SSL settings and change the settings as follows: 

This step needs to be done for both Staging and Production slot.

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Last updated on December 19, 2018
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