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Course Enrolments

The page presents you with the following insights:

Here, you can see statistics of the enrolments that have progressed from March 2018 to April 2019. The count 236 are the number of learners who have registered for the courses in the Vertical Training  category. In the Course Enrolments, hover the mouse on the line graph to view the number of learners enrolled in all courses in the respective category.  For example, the number of enrolments in Vertical Training in March 2019 is 210. This view helps the admins to understand the growth in course enrolments over a period.

Top Courses by Enrolments

This chart gives a breakup of popular courses in a specific category and the enrolments for the courses. So, in the Vertical Training Category, the course that has maximum enrolments is Technician’s Training.

Course Completions

To know the count of learners who have completed all the courses in a specific category, hover the mouse on the line graph to view the count of completion. The following screenshot shows the completion count.

This view gives a graphical representation on the growth in the number of course enrolments and course completions for all courses in a respective category  over a period. The data presented can help take corrective measures if the course completion curve falls below the course enrolment curve by a wide margin.

For example, in the Vertical Training category, we find that the number of candidates enrolled for the course in this category are 236 and the candidates who completed the course are 2 . So, to bridge this huge gap, Admins can focus on the causes and drive towards course completion

Top Courses by Completions

The following grid lists the top courses in a specific category based on their completion.

Courses with no Completions

The following grid lists the courses in the vertical training category that had zero completions.

Courses Grid

This section provides a grid view of all the courses in the Vertical Training category — the number of course completions in each category with course completion percentage. (No. of course completions/No. of course enrolments) *100 .

In the Courses grid, you can:

  • Click on the respective column headings to sort the rows by any column.
  • Click Download List to download the data into an Excel sheet.
  • Select a row to view detailed information about lesson completion for a specific course.
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Last updated on May 20, 2019
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