A Course is a collection of lessons and assessments.

Think of it as a book in a traditional education system. Once you create a course, you can have multiple lessons as chapters. After each lesson, you may optionally include a Practice Quiz to serve as a refresher on the lesson. Finally, you may include an Exam at the end of the course to evaluate the learner’s knowledge and proficiency on the entire content of that course. Every course may also include a certificate, that will be awarded to the learner on either a successful completion of the course or passing the exam, depending on your choice. Learn more by visiting the respective sections.

During course creation, the course admin can configure one of the three options for enrolment of all the registered learners. These options allow the course admins to have a complete control on the content made available to learners.

Automatic Enrolment

This option ensures that all the registered learners can register to a course when logged in and it enables the admins to mandate some of the courses to the users.


This option allows the admins to create courses that allow the learners to search and self-register to the course.


This option allows the admins to keep the content private to ensure a tight hold on content. Admins reserve the right to register users and to make the courses available for a wider audience.

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Last updated on May 13, 2019
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