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Course Enrolments

A graph comprising of Course Enrolments and Course Completion is shown, hover the mouse over the line graph to view the enrolments in a specific course. For example, to view the enrolments in October, hover the mouse to view the information that 26 enrolments have been made for Services & Retail course in March 2019

For example, select Services & Retail. To know the number of course enrolments in Service &Retail course in March 2019

Course Completions

The graph helps to compare on the number of enrolments and completions. According to the example above, if the number of enrolments in Services and Retail in March 2019 is 26, then to know the number of completions in the same month is zero. Refer the screenshot below:


Learner Performance

The info grid provides the information content consumption and efficacy

Click Download List to download the details into an excel.







Click any row in the Learner Id column to view more information about Learner’s performance in a quiz and lessons.

  • The quizzes grid provides information about the performance of the selected learners in practice and exam quiz and it includes the average score.
  • The lessons grid provides information about the lesson name and its status of completion for the selected learner.

Lessons Grid

The grid provides information about the lessons in a course and the completion status. For example: Overview > Technical training > Services & Retail have the following four lessons. Refer the screen shot below:

Quizzes Grid

The grid provides information about the quizzes in a course including the number of questions in a quiz, average score and the difficult level.

Click Download List to download the info into an excel.

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Last updated on May 20, 2019
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