Extensive Reporting Pipeline

Using Sangam, you can create your own reporting and analytics view by giving access to data captured based on learner’s activity. 

Metric Name  Parameters Captured 
Learner Registration – The time of registration of a learner on Sangam  Learner id, time 
Course Enrolment – At what time, a learner was enrolled to a specific course  Learner ID, Course ID, Category ID, time 
Course Page visit –Courses visited by a learner and the time of the course  Learner ID, course ID, category ID, time 
Forum Post Details of the posts from the learner on a specific forum  Learner ID, lesson ID, reply or post, course ID, time 
Practice Quiz Score – The score of the learner in the practice quiz  Learner ID, course ID, quiz ID, score 
Course Completion – Course completion/current status of the learner  Learner ID, course ID time 
Lesson View – The status of a lesson if viewed by the learner   Learner ID, lesson ID, course ID, time,  
Lesson Completion – The status of lesson completed by learner.  Learner ID, lesson ID, course ID, time 
Course Completion – The percentage of a course completed by a learner  Course ID, learner ID, category ID, percentage course completion 
Quiz Score – The latest score in a practice quiz  Course ID, quiz ID, quiz score, learner ID, time of last attempt 
Lesson Completion – The percentage of a lesson completed by a learner  Lesson ID, course ID, learner ID, percentage completion 
Visits to Platform – The time of visits to the Sangam portal by the learner  Learner ID, endpoint, time 
Login – Different time of logins to the Sangam Portal by the learner  Learner ID, endpoint, time 
Registration Metadata – The details of a trainee registered/ introduced to the system by the admin  Learner ID, complete profile/partial profile 
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Last updated on March 10, 2019
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