This section is a tutorial on how to install Project Sangam for your organization. Once you’ve submitted the deployment request form, Microsoft will schedule a deployment with you and guide you through the instructions given here. 


Before we begin, make sure you’re ready with the following requirements:

  • A unique name for your website/app
  • The Project Sangam portal uses Identity for login and doing Admin/User activity. It supports three Identity Providers and before we proceed it is necessary to choose an appropriate Identity Provider for your target audience.
    • Email (Supports Microsoft / Facebook / Google)
    • Phone (Currently Indian Phone Numbers supported)
    • Azure Active Directory
  • Make sure following tools have been installed before continuing with deployment steps
    • SQL Server Management Studio (Install from here if not already installed)
    • SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 (Install from here if not already installed)
  • Download the following files provided by the Sangam team and have them ready in a folder:
    • ProvisionResources.json 
    • DB DACPAC package file
    • AzureDeploy.ps1

All set? Let’s get started! Click here to go to the first section.

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Last updated on March 10, 2019
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