Learner Report Card

Sangam provides information specific to a trainee across all the courses. Following are the sections in the learner report card view: 

Type  Description 
Overview Metrics  View the number of courses a learner is registered. 

View the number of courses completed by the learner 

View the average scores across all the courses taken up by the learner 

Course Grid  Gives an overview of all the course a learner is registered in and the progress in each of the courses. 
Detailed Report  Gives a detailed view of a learner’s progress in a course which includes the lesson completed and the average score in each quiz. 
Info Grids  Provides the admin a detailed list of all courses in a category along with completions and enrollments according to their roles. 
Comparative Updates  Provides the admins with the information about different courses in a category. 
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Last updated on March 10, 2019
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