Mapping Your Instance to a Custom Domain

If you’re looking to host your Sangam instance on a custom domain of your choice, follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you’ve purchased a domain name of your choice from your domain provider (such as Namecheap, GoDaddy).
  2. Make sure you have access to the DNS registry for your domain provider. For example, to add DNS entries for contoso.com and www.contoso.com, you must be able to configure the DNS settings for the contoso.com root domain.
  3. Map the custom DNS name to your Sangam instance.
  4. Configure the SSL certificate for your Sangam instance.
  5. Next, in your Azure portal, go to “Resource Group” > Select “Storage Account” (resource).
  6. Select CORS under settings.
  7. Now under Blob Service, please edit the values as below: 
    • ALLOWED ORIGINS:                 <Your custom website url> (e.g.: https://contosolearning.contoso.com )
    • ALLOWED METHODS:              GET
    • ALLOWED HEADERS:                *
    • EXPOSED HEADERS:                 x-ms-meta-data*
    • MAX AGE:                                 200
  8. Next based on your chosen identity type, follow the below steps:

Social Email Accounts (Gmail, Microsoft Live, Facebook)

  • For Production Slot URL
  • For Staging Slot URL
    • Open B2C Tenant resource from Resource group.
    • Select Azure Active Directory B2C Settings
    • Create a new application. (+ Add)
    • Enter the name of the application.  
    • Switch on “Web App / Web API
    • Make sure “Allow implicit flow” is turned off and “Native Client” is turned off. 
    • Set the reply URI for Azure AD B2C as <basedomain>/signin-b2c (e.g.: https://<Websitename>-staging.azurewebsites.net/signin-b2c. This URL will serve as a temporary testing URL on which the website will be deployed before moving to production.
    • Click on Create

Azure Active Directory

Phone Authentication

  • Please contact Sangam team at projectsangam@microsoft.com with the customized domain URL to make changes to redirect URLs for Phone authentication.

     9. Next, in your App Service Azure portal, go to “Application Settings” and update the settings “ida:Realm” with custom domain name (e.g., https://www.contoso.com/)

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Last updated on May 20, 2019
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